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the music of Bruce Rinehart

I am a solo artist playing guitar and harmonica (on a rack) - the intersection of blues and bluegrass. My music is improvisational instrumental music, therefore fits well in the background, in-between sets, or as a warm-up for a headliner.

For 20 years in San Francisco I sat in with bands and played solo at various venues including: clubs, street fairs, activist fundraisers, art openings, weddings, and funerals. One of the most memorable gigs was a funeral for a death row inmate in California in 1996, yes, I played the blues. Recently, I have played harmonica and flute with local artists Sheila Fleming three times and Trilogy on three different occasions since I moved back to NC a year ago. The Trilogy Christmas Show at the General Store Cafe was a great vibe, but the Piedmont Biofuels Fundraiser for Southern Forrests was the coolest setting!

Bruce Rinehart

[below are recordings of my guitar and harmonica playing]

Mycosphere was a whirling jazz funk monster with acid tendencies; a creation of Chip Clofine in San Francisco I recorded and performed with them. Below are recordings (hosted at Myspace) of me playing flute and harmonica.

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flute with Mycosphere

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